7 Must-Try Restaurants in Alexandria, Egypt

Alexandria’s home to tons of restaurants (or cafes posing as restaurants if you want to get technical), but which places make the cut if you’re in the city for only a few days?

If you’re in the market for good food and not necessarily a sea view (although two of the below have views), then stick to this list of locally-tried and locally-loved restaurants in Alexandria — it has everything from popular favorites to hidden gems.

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1. Greek Club (White and Blue Restaurant)

Specialty: Greek and seafood

Greek Club is by far one of the most well-known restaurants in Alexandria, and for good reason — the view over the Alexandrian harbor is second to none.

Its real name is the White and Blue Restaurant, but locals refer it to as the Greek Club. Its menu is a mix of seafood and a few choice Greek dishes, and they serve beer and wine to enjoy alongside the view.

Reservations recommended for the outdoor terrace on weekends. Keep in mind it’s on the pricey side though.

Address: Bahary, right next to Qaitbey Citadel

2. Mohamed Ahmed

Specialty: fuul and falafel

Mohamed Ahmed has been serving up some of Alex’s favorite fuul and falafel for over 60 years, since 1957 (not sure what we’re talking about? Check out 12 Local Egyptian Foods You Need To Try).

Mohamed Ahmed. Best restaurants in Alexandria, Egypt

Photo credit: Arie Paul

They also serve great egg dishes and cheese served in a variety of ways. Their restaurant is small and bare bones but gets the job done.

Local tip: they’re open 24/7, so it’s never too early or too late to get your Mohamed Ahmed fix.

Address: 17 Shokour St., off Saad Zaghloul St.

3. El Lol

El Lol seafood. Best restaurants in Alexandria, Egypt

Specialty: seafood

This place brings a whole new meaning to the word ‘fresh’. It’s a little family-run seafood shack on the beach where you can watch the fishermen bring in their haul of the day which will then be cooked and prepared for you while you sit looking out over the water.

El Lol seafood. Best restaurants in Alexandria, Egypt

Because it’s not a ‘professional restaurant’, you might wait a little more than you’re used to for your food, but with a sea view like that, with a lighthouse in the background, what are you in a rush for?

This place is on the outskirts of Alexandria, in the El Max area.

Address: next to El Fanar, El Max

4. Chez Gaby

Specialty: Italian

A cozy taverna-style restaurant off of Fouad street, Chez Gaby au Ritrovo has been open since 1979 and they serve pizza, pasta and other Italian classics. They also serve wine and beer to enjoy with your meal.

Chez Gaby. Best restaurants in Alexandria, Egypt

Photo credit: Baher Barsoum

It’s a family-run business and you’ll find pizzas named after different family members and close family friends, which adds to its homey charm. They’re closed on Mondays.

Address: off of Fouad Street, close to the Alexandria Opera House

5. Farag Abou Khaled

Farag Abou Khaled. Best restaurants in Alexandria, Egypt

Photo credit: Egyptian Foodies

Specialty: Alexandrian liver

This place has two branches: the original branch is where you go for the more authentic street food experience, but keep in mind it’s neither fancy nor sparkling clean — you’ll basically be eating on haphazard tables and chairs on the sidewalk. Their newer branch is two blocks away and bigger/cleaner, but short on charm. But in either case, if liver, especially Alexandrian liver, is your jam then definitely don’t miss Farag Abou Khaled.

They serve liver, kidney, makhasi (not sure how to translate that one into English), brain, tongue and an assortment of other meats either in a sandwich, grilled or on a platter.

Address: 32 El Sayed Mohamed Karim Street, El Gomrok

6. Teatro Eskendria

Speciality: homemade Egyptian food

Teatro is not only a restaurant and cafe that serves up classic Egyptian favorites, from breakfast to feteer to tagens to casseroles, but it’s also a cultural center and art space. Owned by a group of artists, you can find Teatro in an Italian-built building dating back to 1928.

Besides being a dining destination, Teatro also houses a gallery and bookshop, and hosts exhibitions, live performances, film screenings and children’s activities.

Address: 25 Fouad Street, El Raml Station

7. Negro

Specialty: seafood

While the restaurant’s name is an unfortunate choice, deciding to eat there is not. This place has been open since 1987 but only recently have people outside of Alexandrian locals started to recognize it for the hidden gem it is.

Don’t expect a menu or an array of seafood to choose from — here the chefs cook their own specials of the day based on the fresh catch they have on hand. You’ll usually be served a salad, seafood soup and a few surprise seafood dishes, followed by fruit salad for dessert. The restaurant itself is small (only a smattering of tables) and dimly-lit at night with candles.

Opening hours: 5 pm – 3 am

Address: 33 Amin Khairat el Ghandour, Sidi Bishr

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