10 Best Restaurants & Cafes in Arkan Plaza, Sheikh Zayed

Mayrig. Best restaurants & cafes in Arkan Plaza


If you’ve ever decided to go eat or grab a coffee at Arkan Plaza in Sheikh Zayed, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. This commercial center on the west side of Cairo is full to the brim with dozens of restaurants, cafes, restobars, shops and booths – and what seems to be something new opening every day. 

So if you find yourself in Arkan Plaza and are unsure of what’s a hit and what you can miss, here are ten of the best restaurants and cafes there (in no particular order). 

1. Mayrig

Mayrig. Best restaurants & cafes in Arkan Plaza

This Armenian restaurant (yes, Armenian – the first Armenian restaurant in Egypt!) is on the rooftop of the Crowne Plaza Hotel in the Arkan extension. If you’re not familiar with Armenian food, you should probably give it a try if you’re a fan of Lebanese or Turkish food – it has a lot of overlap with the two other cuisines, but with its own flair. 

Mayrig has indoor and outdoor dining, with heaters available in the winter. Alcohol and shisha are also served, and they’re open daily from noon until midnight.

Mayrig’s menu.

2. Norma

Norma. Best restaurants & cafes in Arkan Plaza

Hidden away in a little corner of Arkan Plaza is Norma, which might seem at first glance to be an Italian restaurant, but it’s specifically Sicilian with Moorish influences to be exact – so think elevated Italian. 

Norma has indoor seating complete with a large bar, and it’s softly lit and leaning towards the romantic side – the only downside being you can see the mall corridor and all the passerby out the window. They also have a cute outdoor area surrounded by greenery to separate you away from the chaos of the rest of Arkan. They also offer a private dining room you can book for special events.

Norma’s menu.

3. Carlo’s

Carlo's. Best restaurants & cafes in Arkan Plaza

Carlo’s is always a great option when you’re a group of people and everyone wants something different. Instead of standing in the middle of Arkan and arguing over eating sushi or eating hawawshi, just head to Carlo’s where their extensive menu includes Egyptian and international classics from all over the globe – and they’ve consistently done it all well for decades now, back since Carlo’s flagship restaurant in Zamalek led the charge as one of the best restaurants in Cairo.

They also serve shisha and alcohol, and have plenty of screens for football matches. Be warned though – on match nights, it’s both crowded and noisy and reservations are needed.

Carlo’s menu

4. Gigi

Gigi. Best restaurants & cafes in Arkan Plaza

Right across from Carlo’s is Gigi, the place to go if you’re craving burgers, pizza, tons of appetizers and other good comfort food. They have indoor and outdoor seating, a big bar, and lots of cold beer on tap. 

Gigi is a nice weekend day spot as well as a ‘drink and burger after work’ kind of place, but it gets crowded quickly so reservations are recommended.

5. Granita

Granita. Best restaurants & cafes in Arkan Plaza

Granita is a “concept cafeteria” that’s a nod to the ‘grand cafes’ of Egypt back in the 1930s and 1940s – think Groppi and other vintage cosmopolitan cafes.

They have both an indoor and outdoor area perfect for sunny brunches, work meetings and or just enjoying a coffee and pastry solo. They offer breakfast, sandwiches, salads, pienirli (Greek pizzas), appetizers, main plates and homemade desserts.

Granita’s menu

6. Casa Talia

Casa Talia. Best restaurants & cafes in Arkan Plaza

In the mood for something tasty but not quite sure what it is exactly you want? Casa Talia’s large and eclectic menu will sort you out. Aside from their breakfast and brunch menu, they have your usual pastas, burgers, pizzas etc., plus unexpected menu items like bao buns, Turkish pide, sandos and robata-grilled appetizers. Massive dessert menu as well!

Casa Talia’s menu

7. Crimson Arkan

Crimson Arkan. Best restaurants & cafes in Arkan Plaza

If you’re looking for a rooftop date vibe even though you’re in the middle of a commercial center, then Crimson is the place for you. Set above and away from all the hordes of other restaurants and cafes in Arkan, it’s easy to forget you’re essentially in a mall and not on a chic urban rooftop away from the hustle and bustle.

Crimson of course is known for its Zamalek branch with sweeping Nile views, but they share the same ambient atmosphere, elevated international menu, and large cocktail list.

8. Koffee Kulture

Koffee Kulture. Best restaurants & cafes in Arkan Plaza

One of the breakfast and coffee stars of Arkan Plaza. Koffee Kulture’s menu features all sorts of omelettes, eggs Benedict, tortilla egg wraps, sandwiches, bagels, open-faced sourdough loaves, a bakery, and a ton of coffee options.

Even if you stop by later in the day, they have an all-day menu for all your favorite brunch items.

Koffee Kulture’s menu.

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9. Al Beiruti

Al Beiruti. Best restaurants & cafes in Arkan Plaza

This Lebanese resto-cafe has already made its mark in Beirut and Dubai, so it makes sense that Cairenes love it as well. It’s a mix of indoor and outdoor as well as a full-fledged restaurant but with a casual Lebanese cafe feel – think tawla, shisha and Lebanese mezzeh. 

Al Beiruti’s menu.

10. Bittersweet


Bittersweet. Best restaurants & cafes in Arkan Plaza

Looking to elevate your morning coffee? Look no further than pairing an espresso with Bittersweet’s insane O’Smores. If that shot of caffeine and sugar won’t wake you up, probably nothing much will! (They also have other ‘normal’ breakfast selections for those who don’t want to be wired for the rest of the day).

Bittersweet doesn’t just do coffee breakfast though – they’re also known for their pizzas and pastas.

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