12 Best Bars, Pubs and Restobars in Sheikh Zayed & 6 October City, Cairo

Cairo is a sprawling city, with its fair share of traffic (to put it politely). So it makes all the sense in the world to try to stick to the neighborhood you live in/work in when it comes to kicking back with a drink after a long day – after all, you’re trying to de-stress, not add to it by being stuck in traffic for an hour and a half.

The western suburb of Sheikh Zayed and (6th of October City as a whole) is about half an hour from central Cairo (Downtown & Zamalek), and has recently started to have a hood amount of both casual pubs and upscale restobars. Below we list some of our personal favorites, in no particular order.

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Cairo Jazz Club 610

The sister venue of Cairo’s longest-lasting and most beloved bar/club, Cairo Jazz Club in Agouza. ‘610’ is how we locals usually refer to the 6 October venue, and what’s great about it is that not only do they have an indoor section for live music, DJs and a happening bar, but a large outdoor terrace where you can enjoy a boozy brunch or dinner as well.

Location: El Guezira Plaza, Sheikh Zayed

Call to reserve: 01008111330

Sachi Park St.

The original Sachi in Heliopolis has been a staple of Cairo fine dining and nightlife for over a decade now (for more Heliopolis night spots, head here). So it was only a matter of time before they brought their famous Mediterranean fusion, sushi menu and cocktail list to the west of the Cairo – which they did with Sachi Park St. Both indoor and outdoor dining available.

Location: Park Street, El Bostan, Sheikh Zayed

Call: 01278666185

Clstr 11

Touted as Cairo’s first “bar-hopping experience”, Clstr 11 is a big courtyard in Guezira Plaza that has multiple adjacent bars and restobars all sharing the same communal courtyard space. Two of Cairo’s most renowned nightlife spots, L’Aubergine and Pub 28, opened branches there, as well as other venues like Zouni, Ouzeri, Sotto, Casa de Farida and Chestnut.

The pros are that there are a lot of different choices of where to get a drink and a nice communal feeling, but the con is that the places all start to feel sort of the same. Nice and calm during the day, pretty crowded on weekend nights.

Pier 88 Pyramid Hills

Pier 88 Pyramid Hills. Best Bars, Pubs and Restobars in 6 October, Cairo

In the mood for Italian food and wine? Pier 88 rarely lets us down, whether it’s the original El Gouna branch, the Nile-side Zamalek branch or Pier 88 Pyramids Hills in 6 October. Cheap this lounge and restobar is not, but we’re still fans. They offer brunch on weekends from 1 pm (and have a great outdoor section if you want some sun) and dinner and drinks on weekdays and weekends from 7 pm onwards.

Location: Pyramid Hills compound

Call to reserve: 01208111130


Izakaya. Best Bars, Pubs and Restobars in 6 October, Cairo

Cairo’s first Nikkei restaurant. What’s Nikkei, you ask? It’s Japanese-Peruvian fusion, born from the migrant Japanese community living in Peru and over decades adding their touch to traditional Peruvian dishes. It’s become so beloved and recognized that not only does this fusion have its own name -Nikkei- but it’s actually spread half a world away, all the way to Egypt, thanks to Izakaya. It’s also a beautiful place to chill and have a cocktail.

Location: Palm Hills compound, Sheikh Zayed

Call to reserve: 01271116223


This place is far more casual than its two predecessors on this list, in terms of both food and setting. Gigi is a place to kick back with a burger, beer and friends, whether in their inside section or outdoor patio.

Location: Arkan Plaza, Sheikh Zayed

Call to reserve: 02 37966344

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Carlo's. Best Bars, Pubs and Restobars in 6 October, Cairo

What started as a favorite restaurant on Zamalek’s famous Le Pacha 1901 boat, home to several of Cairo’s very best restaurants, became its own breakaway star (the Justin Timberlake of Le Pacha restaurants if you will). The Carlo’s in Arkan is a great place for a drink, some good mezze, a shisha, and to watch a football match.

Location: Arkan Plaza, Sheikh Zayed

Call to reserve: 01122208881

The Tap West

Cairo’s favorite modern pub. The Tap is known and loved for its live music nights, wings, pub food and laid-back setting. Check out their social media for a heads up on their all-you-can-eat-wings days and happy hours.

Location: Galleria 40, Sheikh Zayed

Call to reserve: 01060000867


This famous Zamalek restobar opened a second branch in Arkan Plaza, on a rooftop of sorts, with both indoor and outdoor dining, as well as a seated bar. They have the same menu upscale international dishes and an array of cocktails.

Location: Arkan Plaza

Call to reserve: 01222174270

Andrea Mariouteya

Andrea Mariouteya. Best Bars, Pubs and Restobars in 6 October, Cairo

The classic Andrea Mariouteya in its new home, New Giza. Andrea Mariouteya is one of Cairo’s oldest lasting restaurants, known for their grills and traditional Egyptian fare. Enjoy brunch, lunch and dinner with a beer and sprawling city views from New Giza’s plateau.

Location: New Giza compound, Sheikh Zayed

Call to reserve: 01003532000

The Smokery Palm Hills

The Smokery Palm Hills. Best Bars, Pubs and Restobars in 6 October, Cairo

Overlooking the golf course in Palm Hills, The Smokery offers an international menu as well as sushi. This indoor/outdoor space offers both high tables for a more cocktail bar feel for night, and lower tables for those in the mood to eat and drink overlooking the view.

Location: Palm Hills compound

Call to reserve: 01211270078


Mayrig Cairo

On the joint rooftop of the Crowne Plaza Hotel and the commercial Arkan Plaza, is Egypt’s first Armenian restaurant (with lots of Lebanese flair). Mayrig, which means ‘little mother’ in Armenian, first opened its doors in Beirut, Lebanon and went on to be a smash hit with other Mayrigs opening in Saudi Arabia, Armenia, Maldives and most recently, Egypt.

You can order a drink from their bar and enjoy their extensive menu, all with a refreshing breeze that comes from being on a rooftop in Cairo. They’re also open for lunch from 1 pm.

Location: Crowne Plaza, Sheikh Zayed

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